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For lovers of the stars

Why I created this piece

My mother died of cancer on October 13th, 2017. Connecting with things bigger than myself, such as a night sky filled with stars has had a much-needed calming influence on me. Another thing that calms me is when I’m painting. When I get into “the zone”, time passes and I’m unaware of any pain or worries, which is why I’m sharing this artwork with you today.

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Satisfied Customer #1

“Nathan does beautiful art, delivered right on time. Great communication. I would definitely recommend his work!” – Deb Louks

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Satisfied Customer #2

“Nathan went way out of his way to accommodate my interest in one of his paintings. He was a great communicator. We discussed a few options and I ended up buying a medium format print. And it is beautiful! I’ll be keeping an eye on Nathan to see what he turns out in the future.” – Dave Duncan

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Photo of Nathan Cain

About The Artist

Nathan Cain

Nathan Cain was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, in 1978, and was raised nearby in Hot Springs National Park. He also lived for seven years in Fayetteville, Arkansas, among the gorgeous Ozark mountains.


In 2007 he left Arkansas and served as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Píllaro, Ecuador for a year with his wife. There he volunteered as a bible teacher and enjoyed the Andes with its volcanoes and snow capped mountains. This experienced had a major impact on him, causing him to more deeply realize that we humans are all the same inside. It also helped him to be more satisfied with a simple life.


He now resides in Ferndale, Arkansas, a small community just outside the city limits of Little Rock. He and his wife enjoy the visits of deer in the backyard and beautiful sunsets, the paintings of God.

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“I’m honored you would consider hanging my artwork in your home!”